Why You Should Always Comment at least Once on All your Own Stories.

Your story looks better, because it has a comment. Even if your story has a no claps, it does at least have comment or two.

It makes it more likely that the reader will scroll to the end and/or click on the comments button to see what the comment is. This will make you look better to the algorithm, and having read your comment, he/she will be more likely to post a comment of his/her own, making your story look even better, and making you look better, both to people and the algorithm.

If you have published something you think might be original and are worried someone will copy your idea without giving you credit, you can upgrade the article, for example by acknowledging a typo or other error, or an additional implication of the thinking in the article, in a comment, without casting doubt on who was first to publish the basic idea. This is because the publishing date will still be there, without the notice “Edited”, that spoils it.

Some other general purpose comments include, “What, no comments?”. “Am I too far ahead of time, or just a moron?”, or “I’m still hoping to get some feedback on this article, so please comment.”



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Matthew Christopher Bartsh

Matthew Christopher Bartsh


I always follow back. I usually follow anyone who makes an interesting or okay response to one my articles. I often clap. I never give fewer than fifty claps.