Thoughts on the Mimal Mnemonic of the United States.

Slight changes to the names of some of Mimal’s parts are called for.

I don’t think Iowa should be called Mimal’s head, as about half of his head is inside his hat. Similar considerations cause me to think most of the parts should be renamed. I think the names should be one syllable each so “Chef’s hat” is out.

Urban Dictionary says:

“The first letter of each of the states is taken to form the word Mimal. If you look at a United States map, you will see that these five states lined up will form an image of an elf. Minnesota is the hat. Iowa the head. Missouri the body. Arkansas the legs. Louisiana the boots.” says:

“The state of Minnesota represents Mimal’s hat, Iowa is his face, and Missouri is his shirt. Mimal’s pants are represented by Arkansas, and his boots by Louisiana. Tennessee and Kentucky are sometimes included as Mimal’s frying pan and the chicken being cooked in the pan (Kentucky being the “Kentucky Fried Chicken leg,” and Tennessee being the “tin pan”),[2] thus making Mimal a cook.”

My revision of the names.

M = Minnesota = Hat

I = Iowa = Face (not Head)

M = Missouri = Shirt (not Body)

A = Arkansas = Shorts (not Legs or Pants)

L = Louisiana = Boot (not Boots)

Mimal is awesome and dovetails with my mnemonic for the US.

Mimal is in a strategic position at what you could call the West Bank of the Mississippi river. It conveniently occupies the eastern half of division four of the US (MIM), and the eastern half of division seven (AL)

It dovetails beautifully with my awesome mnemonic for the US states and divisions:

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash