"If everything is correlated to everything else, try checking the statistical significance of the number of lakes in a country to its population's life expectancy. Good luck with that!" This seems to be the only statement you make in your comment that is clear and specific, so I will respond to it now.

I expect not to find a statistically significant correlation between the number of lakes in country and its population's life expectancy, but that is only because there are so few countries. Given an unlimited number of countries, I guarantee a statistically significant correllation would be found, either positive or negative.

Luck doesn't come into it.

As for the rest of your comment, I would be happy to respond to your statements if you would make them a bit more precise and specific, and/or supported by logical arguments or evidence, and/or state how they are relevant to my article.

Edit: I would add that it's not enough to claim that I have presented a straw man. You need to say to *what* straw man. Like the rest of your statemements it is egregiously unsupported.

My favorite activity is learning new things.

My favorite activity is learning new things.