How to Find Out what it is Like to be Temporarily Blind in One Eye.

You don’t need to actually be blind in one eye.

Wait until both eyes are in night vision mode from being in darkness for at least an hour. Then find a place where there is just enough light that you can just see the scene in front of you with your night vision.

Then cover your nondominant eye with your hand and shine a bright light (e.g a flashlight) into your dominant eye for ten seconds or so, destroying your night vision in that eye. Take care not to get any of the flashlight light into your nondominant eye. Then switch off the flashlight and uncover you nondominant eye.

Look at the dimly lit scene with both eyes. Cover the nondominant eye and you will not be able see anything, because your dominant eye has no night vision. When I tried this I found it a bit unsettling. I suddenly got an odd feeling in my dominant eye, like it was numb or something.

It was weird.

Photo by Taras Chernus on Unsplash