A Pentasyllabic Mnemonic for the Three States North of the 45th Parallel and the Four States Between the 40th Parallel and the 45th Parallel.

Spoiler: AWN I C R Mass’

As I’ve written before (https://bartshmatthew.medium.com/a-mnemonic-for-the-45th-parallel-north-made-of-nonsense-syllables-b8d7173d583b), OIMWS M to Nov’ recalls the US states cut by the 45th parallel.

And as I’ve also written before (https://bartshmatthew.medium.com/a-mnemonic-for-the-40th-parallel-and-all-the-us-states-that-it-touches-ff2b8029a6cb) CNUCK N MII OWP Newj’ specifies the US States that are cut by the 40th parallel. Note that my favorite version of this is now CNUCK N MI IOWP Newj’ with IOWP being pronouned “yowp”.

These two fortunately contain no state in common. Unfortunately they miss seven states. Fortunately, only seven. Even better, these seven leftovers can be specified nicely with a five-syllable mnemonic: AWN I C R Mass’. This recalls that Alaska, Washington, and North Dakota are the three that are entirely north of the 45th parallel, and that Iowa, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts are the ones entirely between the 40th and 45th parallels.

Photo by Vincent Ledvina on Unsplash