A New Mnemonic with Several Innovative Features.

Easy to understand version of the mnemonic (explanation and map below) note that each line is constrained to contain exactly five syllables:






By ‘a math teacher’, I mean anyone teaching math, including a home schooler. I am not talking about a math teacher who is teaching computer science or some other subject. In computer science it often makes sense to pronounce binary numbers like telephone numbers; a mere series of numerals.



The base ten counting system has a set of spoken names and rules for pronouncing them that works well, and that we take for granted. Other bases, such as binary, or base eight, or base sixteen seem inhuman, difficult, and useless mainly because they lack an analogous system of names…

This is my second published version of this mnemonic and puzzle. The mnemonic is essentially the same, but I tweaked it significantly. This article contains everything that was in the first article so there is no point in reading that one if you can read this one.

When the order…

The mnemonic Roy G. Biv is the name of an imaginary person with the initials RGB, which recalls “red, green, blue” which are the names of the light primaries, also known as the primary colors, I noticed. This is in addition to its well-known function of recalling the classic seven colors of the rainbow “red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet”.

I published the ideas of this article about two weeks ago but I can’t find my way back to that account, and so I am republishing it here.

That should be:

the so-called 'luck'

But then you can't drop the quote marks and start using the word without quotes. Well, you can sometimes, but you need to know what you are doing. It's tricky. It could result in it looking like you contradicted yourself.

E.g. "I was 'lucky'…

I used to sometimes give one clap, sometimes two, sometimes three or more, but never fifty.

Now, if I give any claps, I give fifty.

Claps don’t cost anything, and I can give as many claps as I want without limit, and therefore, if I am going to try to…

This is my new favorite teacher explaining the word “pentane”.

Why do we teach the boring, difficult parts of chemistry first? How about instead starting by teaching students to understand and those impressive chemical names and diagrams seen in organic chemistry. …

You won’t look at a human or animal body the same way after learning this.

If you’d asked me just a week ago what you’d be left with if you could magically make all the human cells and their contents (living and dead, whole or fragmented) in the human body…

I wish my teachers had.

Parents, obviously, do their children a huge favor when they model good use of time like reading. But besides reading, there is copying, and memorization, and other solitary educational activities, and this hasn’t been talked about much. …

Matthew Christopher Bartsh

My favorite activity is learning new things.

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